This site is a sample of how a church library “blog” can look and function like an online library site for a church.  I haven’t filled out every feature, but you get the idea. It took me about 15 minutes to create what you see using wordpress’ templates and easy to use posting tools. Go to wordpress.com and register for a free blog and take the tour. It’s easy to set up.

This demonstration blog goes with the article “how to put your church library online” originally posted at http://sundayresources.net/neil/2009/11/05/put-your-church-library-easily-online/ 

Update: Because I just created this as a ‘freebie wordpress site’, SOMETIMES wordpress is putting some ‘ads’ in my posts. If this was a real church library site, I would pay a small annual fee to upgrade this site and exclude their ads.

<>< Neil MacQueen, www.sundaysoftware.com

Welcome to the First Church Online Library!

We’re using this WordPress blog software because:

  • It’s free!
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s searchable.
  • It allows several volunteers to do upkeep from their own computers.
  • You can leave your comments about resources you’ve used.

Use our “Search” function to discover our Church Library Resources, then….

To check out a resource:

  1. Go to that resource’s page.
  2. Then, either pick up that resource at the church library (hours of operation) OR…..
  3. Post a “comment” under that resources posting.  Include your email address.

Your “comment” will immediately alert our church librarian that you want that resource and they’ll be in touch with you.

Don’t forget to sign up to our free Church Library Email Newsletter <here>

Then, everytime we have a new resource added, you’ll receive an email alert!

Want to help? Have Questions?

Email ourchurchlibrary@gmail.com (sample address, not functional)